Here is the provisional list of beers which will be at the Claygate Beer Festival.

Cosmic Dawn

Big Smoke Brew Co : Cosmic Dawn ABV 4.1%

Pale Ale made from the following hops: Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic, Simcoe

Distant Lands

Big Smoke Brew Co : Distant Lands ABV 3.8%

Delicate malt base that offers light biscuit crumble, complemented by dry grapefruit and a floral hop finish.


Big Smoke Brew Co : Solaris ABV 3.8%

Our biggest selling beer is also one of the first that we brewed. A very easy drinking pale ale brewed exclusively for cask. Hops - Cascade & Centennial

Coal Porter

Brightwater : Coal Porter ABV 4.9%

A rich dark milk porter stout made using lactose sugar to give a smooth rounded creamy taste that lingers on the tongue. Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Wheat, Lactose sugar, Hops and Yeast.

Daisy Gold

Brightwater : Daisy Gold ABV 4%

A balanced Golden ale with a bitter-sweet finish, the perfect session ale. Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Wheat, Hops and Yeast.


Brightwater : Ernest ABV 3.7%

An ultra-pale ale made using the Ernest hop for aroma and flavour grown in Worcestershire (UK) The beer has undertones of sherbet lemon and a sweet honey finish. Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Wheat, Hops and Yeast.


Brightwater : Lipsmacker ABV 4.8%

A Golden IPA style beer with plenty of body that has a lip-smacking twang. Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Wheat, Hops and Yeast

Little Nipper

Brightwater : Little Nipper ABV 3.1%

A lower gravity Golden Ale that is well hopped with plenty of bite! Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Wheat, Hops and Yeast

Black Noise

Dorking Brewery : Black Noise ABV 5.0%

Our remake of an 18th Century Porter. Smooth chocolate taste with hints of coffee.

DB One

Dorking Brewery : DB One ABV 4.2%

The brewery was founded on this traditional bitter, strictly speaking an English Pale Ale. Brisk bitterness with Bramling Cross hops providing hedgerow berry notes.

Five Claw

Dorking Brewery : Five Claw ABV 5.1%

Big, bold, juicy IPA created with six powerful American hops used for their strong tropical fruit aromas and flavours. Its rich orange appearance evokes tropical imagery typical of a classic West Coast IPA. High in bitterness yet well-rounded, making it very difficult to put down. ABV: 5.1%. Malt: Extra Pale Ale, Munich, Cara Pils, Flaked Oats, Dextrin. Hops: Magnum, Citra, Centennial, Columbus, Azacca, Mosaic. Yeast: West Coast Ale Yeast. Flavour profile: Orange in colour with a bold, hoppy taste. Five Claw builds on a robust malt base to fully showcase classic American hops. Allergens: Gluten (Barley, Wheat, Oats).

Pilcrow Pale

Dorking Brewery : Pilcrow Pale ABV 4.1%

Pale and Hoppy, this modern classic uses the new American hops, Citra for a vibrant citrus flavour and Chinook for a piney backbone.

Surrey XPA

Dorking Brewery : Surrey XPA ABV 3.8%

Low bitterness and colour do not mean low flavour when it comes to this extra pale ale. Using a hearty amount of oats for a long-lasting mouthfeel this is the ideal session beer. American and English hops combine to keep it light, refreshing and easy to drink all day long.

Classic IPA

Nirvana Brewery : Classic IPA ABV 0.5%

LOW ALCOHOL This crowd-pleaser uses Amarillo hops, packing a punchy hit perfect for a hot summer’s day. Light amber body Citrus aromas Hoppy notes of pine & spice

Dark & Rich Stout

Nirvana Brewery : Dark & Rich Stout

Dark roasted malts take centre stage in this rich and chocolatey stout. Bold enough to pack a punch, light enough to enjoy any time of year. 66 calories, 0.0%ABV, vegan, gluten free Balanced smooth malt base Chocolate aromas Hints of vanilla Gluten free

Organic Pale Ale

Nirvana Brewery : Organic Pale Ale

Organic Pale Ale -Organic First Gold hops and British malts make this certified organic beer a real friend to the earth and to your palate. Flavoured with English hops, balanced hints of spice & tangerine, gentle toffee finish. 0.5%


Pilgrim Brewery : Progress ABV 4.0%

Our flagship bitter, first brewed in 1982. Progress is brewed with the finest British malts to give a rich bitter-sweet ale and is well complimented with a blend of British, American and Slovenian hop additions. Progress is made with Pioneer and Whitbread Goldings hops: Marris Otter, Crystal, Chocolate and Roast Barley.


Pilgrim Brewery : Surrey ABV 4.0%

A well rounded session pale ale, with a malty flavour. First made in 1983 this is one of the first and most popular Pilgrim Ales and is one of the heritage range. Surrey is made with Whitbread Golding and Styrian Golding hops; Maris Otter and Crystal malt.


Surrey Hills : Collusion ABV 5.2%

An eclectic collection of aromatic and flavoursome hops with citrus and tropical fruit characteristics

Gilt Complex

Surrey Hills : Gilt Complex ABV 4.6%

A huge hop aroma introduces the “King of the Golden Beers”. There is a hint of spice in the fruity flavour and a long finish that completes this classic beer.

Greensand IPA

Surrey Hills : Greensand IPA ABV 4.6%

This is our hop monster. Despite a relatively modest ABV for an IPA, this beer delivers an explosion of hops in every sense. A very special beer.

Ranmore Ale

Surrey Hills : Ranmore Ale ABV 3.8%

A straw coloured extremely moreish session beer that has a surprisingly full flavour for its strength. A pleasant and distinctive aroma is followed by a moderate hop bitterness. The fresh finish leaves you wanting another… Ranmore has a commitment among its followers like no other and the ideal circumstances for drinking this legendary beer are standing at the bar with several good friends, possibly friends you may have made that very evening. It also accompanies many fish dishes rather nicely.

Shere Drop

Surrey Hills : Shere Drop ABV 4.2%

The flagship beer is pale in colour with a subtle hint of grapefruit and lemon in the aroma. The wonderful hop bitterness is complemented by a balanced malt flavour. The beer has a long finish, which is moderately dry.The Surrey Hills flagship and the perfect beer for almost any occasion, it is almost impossible to list all the times and places for drinking Shere Drop. Brewery favourites include washing down a pulled pork burger or simply accompanying a Sunday Roast.


The Godstone Brewers : Forever ABV 4.3%

When Anne and Steve spoke to Designer Will about naming a hoppy, citrusy beer after Strawberry Fields at Flower Farm, Will thought it might come across as misleading. And so he took it upon himself to call Farmer Patrick, to ask if it would be possible to rename it to 'Citra Fields'. "Absolutely not. It'll be Strawberry Fields Forever," Patrick firmly replied, before bursting into song.

Junction 6

The Godstone Brewers : Junction 6 ABV 4.2%

Pale ale with a sweet, hoppy mandarin character.

Pondtail Pale

The Godstone Brewers : Pondtail Pale ABV 4.1%

This new world style pale ale packs a serious flavour punch, brimming with hops and balanced with citrus tones for crisp refreshment. As one of our more popular beers, it’s named as an ode to the floating residents that live in the iconic pond on the village green.

Trenchmans Hop

The Godstone Brewers : Trenchmans Hop ABV 3.8%

Perfecting the balance can be a great challenge in brewing, but we think this session bitter does just that. It's named after John Trenchman, a retired pirate who came to Godstone as a smuggler in 1687. John appreciated a good brew, and unfortunately met his end to gunshot wounds in the Fox and Hounds in Tilburstow Hill. Some say his ghost still wanders (hops?) the grounds, so why not head on down to the pub and drink merrily to his name. And if you're hungry, the landlady recommends it as the perfect accompaniment to her food.

Amelia Single Hop

The Park Brewery : Amelia Single Hop ABV 4.5%

Bursting with blueberry and tropical flavours, thanks to the amazing hop – Mosaic. A crisp moreish malt base keeps you going back for more. Hops: Mosaic

Gallows Pale Ale

The Park Brewery : Gallows Pale Ale ABV 5.0%

A sweet golden pale, hopped with Simcoe and Mosaic, providing a fine fruity mix of tropical and mango flavours with a rich aroma. This beer takes its name from the gallows which once stood at Kingston Gate.

Poet's Corner

The Park Brewery : Poet's Corner ABV 4.1%

Poets’ Corner is an area in Pembroke Lodge Gardens commemorating the poet James Thomson (1700-1748). A plaque with an ode to Thomson by John Heeneage Jesse was installed near Pembroke Lodge stables in 1851. The current board was installed in 1895 and was repaired for the bicentenary of Thomson’s death, 27th August 1948. It was refurbished by the Selbourne Society, Britain’s oldest conservation organisation. Although originally Poets’ Corner was dedicated solely to Thomson, who spent the last years of his life in Richmond, over the years it has developed to incorporate the memory of other poets. This explains why it should now be called Poets’ Corner.

Goweer Wolf Bitter

Titsey Brewing Company : Goweer Wolf Bitter ABV 4.0%

A classic Best Bitter, Gower Wolf (4.0% ABV) has got a nice traditional feel to it, hints of chocolate and honey in the aroma and flavour give it character.. Locally grown hops give an edge to the smooth malt profile. A traditional pint for a traditional pub, especially on more wintry days. Great with sausage and mash.

Gresham Hopper

Titsey Brewing Company : Gresham Hopper ABV 3.7%

An English Pale Ale, Gresham Hopper (3.7% ABV) is like sunshine in a pint glass. The citrusy hops provide a really refreshing bitterness when served cellar cool on a warm day. Just what you need if you’ve cycled or walked to the top of the North Downs Way.

Leveson Buck

Titsey Brewing Company : Leveson Buck ABV 3.7%

Leveson Buck (3.7% ABV) session IPA is a feisty little fellow with an American accent. Can be enjoyed either as cask ale from the handpump or carbonated from the keg tap. After hopping in the brew as normal, more hops are added as it ferments, tons more flavour but without the extra bitterness. A more complex beer that can deal with big flavours.

North Down Gold

Titsey Brewing Company : North Down Gold ABV 4.2%

Zesty, refreshing summer beer

Champions Ale

Twickenham Fine Ales : Champions Ale ABV 4.3%

Brewed with ingredients from World Cup winners. Hoppy red Rye IPA with a sweet edge. Pilgrim hops from England to add bitterness, Motoueka and Raja, from New Zealand, for flavour and dry hopped with Galaxy, from Australia, for extra aroma. Then, in addition to the rye, there is lager malt, in honour of South Africa's favourite tipple.

El Dorado

Twickenham Fine Ales : El Dorado ABV 4.2%

Very pale, very hoppy beer which is the Essence of Summer. Extra pale ale and wheat malts combine with the aromatic Citra and Delta hops to make a very bright and refreshing pint for a warm summer’s day.


Twickenham Fine Ales : Grandstand ABV 3.8%

A well-hopped and well balanced refreshing amber session beer. Triple hopped with Brewers Gold gives light citrus notes and a fresh clean finish. The one beer to have when you’re having more than one. Won CAMRA Champion Bitter of London 2018

Mysteries of the Galaxy

Twickenham Fine Ales : Mysteries of the Galaxy ABV 4.5%

A golden ale, hopped with Enigma, Comet and Galaxy (worked hard to get from there to the name!). A fruity delight.

Naked Ladies

Twickenham Fine Ales : Naked Ladies ABV 4.4%

Outstanding, glorious, hoppy golden ale using Herkules, Celeia and Chinook hops for full-flavoured satisfaction. Inspired by the statues of water nymphs in York House gardens in Twickenham, known locally as the “Naked Ladies”

Summer Sun

Twickenham Fine Ales : Summer Sun ABV 4.4%

Very pale, very hoppy beer which is the Essence of Summer. Extra pale ale and wheat malts combine with the aromatic Citra and Delta hops to make a very bright and refreshing pint for a warm summer’s day.

Common Pale Ale

Wimbledon Brewery : Common Pale Ale ABV 3.7%

Named after Wimbledon’s historic Common, this pale ale is burnished gold in colour with a bright sparkle. The aroma has spicy orange notes with a light malt fruitiness. The middle palate is clean with the Maris Otter malt character coming through with orange fruits making a re-appearance, merging with the final refreshing bite of bitterness.


Wimbledon Brewery : SW19 ABV 4.0%

Brewed with English, Australian and New Zealand hops for an all-round summer experience. The perfect summer beer, light straw in colour, subtle citrus notes, hints of malt and a satisfying crisp finish.

More Beers coming soon.....